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Hi, we're Heuishil and Raffaella from Oxford!

As SENSING SPACE, we create playful, off-screen activities to help children thrive at school and in life by nurturing their creativity and resilience all while having fun!

We hope My Adventure with Alice will plant positive seeds in your child's heart to grow happy and believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to.



Born in Japan, Heuishil spent most of her time as a child playing in imaginary worlds through books.
After working as an architect in Tokyo, she moved to the UK and studied resilient society design at the University of Oxford, where she obtained her MPhil and DPhil in Geography and the Environment. In parallel, she passionately studied child development and mental well-being.
Heuishil now enjoys inventing new playful learning resources for children to boost their emotional resilience and creativity using her wide multidisciplinary expertise and design skill.


Raffaella grew up in Italy within a Montessori environment, and went on to study architecture in Milan, moving to London soon after finishing her degree, in 2005. As an architect, she was named RIBA Inspirational Woman of the Year in 2018 and shortlisted as Best Architect in the European Women in Construction & Engineering Awards in 2019. Her latest project as lead architect was inaugurated by Her Majesty the Queen in May 2022.
Raffaella brings her enthusiasm and skills to help children generate positive change for themselves and the world around them.


Anna Passoni

Montessori Educationaist with 30 years experience

Paulina Treanor

Child Psychologist and Counsellor

Kaya Winney

Integrative Child and Adolescent Counsellor

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