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Best Educational & Children's Trade Awards: Winner 2023

Best Educational & Children's Trade Awards: Winner 2023

My Adventure with Alice

12-week Travel Journal in Wonderland

Filled with 75 playful challenges to spark creativity and build confidence

Age 7-14


”My son used to immerse himself in the book, completing a chapter every night after his homework, without any prompts.
Now, he is more positive when things go wrong & focuses more on finding a solution rather than fixating on the problem.”

Kimbery, Mother of 10-year-old boy

"At first, my daughter wasn't sure about using this journal.
However, she quickly became engaged with it and actively sought out time to complete it. Discovering the superhero within her brought her a lot of joy!"

Amy, Mother of 9-year-old girl

Best screen-free activities

Hands-on activities to inspire children's

curiosity and growth midset

Science-backed journal

Based on the latest SEL (social emotional learning) and Montessori education

Enjoy anytime, anywhere

On a train, at a restaurant, in a park...
Desk-free, used on your lap.

Life skills learning with a timeless story

Inspired by the classic fantasy story written by Lewis.Carroll

Unforgettable Adventure

Join Alice on her adventure into Wonderland and meet curious characters who'll welcome you to a world of exciting challenges.
Drawing, writing, crafting, puzzles and riddles... your journey is packed with creativity, fun and inspirations!

Unleash Your Inner Power

Explore a magical world where you'll gradually uncover your unique talents and strengths.
Get ready for an adventure that guides you to tap into boundless potential.

What magic will happen to your child

Enjoy challenges and expand perspectives
Boost confidence
and improve self-esteem
Think creatively
outside the box
Learn to understand and express emotions better
Use positive self-talk
to manage fears and anxiety
Start your adventure today!

Start your adventure today!


What experts say...

If you want to teach your child how to become more self-compassionate, learn how to deal with mistakes and help them find the courage to step out of their comfort zone, this journal is a must-have. 

Kaya Winney, Integrative Child and Adolescent Counsellor

This unique journal will inspire children’s imagination and help them grow more confident, creative, and happier.

It'll powerfully help children smile, believe in themselves and build their future playfully without fears.

Anna Passoni, Montessori Educationist

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Free Gift 1: Alice in Wonderland 12 affirmation posters (£14.99 value)

12 positive affirmation printables featuring original illustrations.
These delightful prompts are perfect for treasuring memories of your adventures and providing daily dosages of inspiration.

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Free Gift 2: Colouring adventure road map (£5 value)

Explore Wonderland with a cheerful road map as your guide, celebrating your progress and leading you to magical destinations!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Feel free to explore our journal with absolute confidence.
If you don't observe any positive changes in your children, we'll be delighted to provide a full refund upon the return of your completed journal within 3 months of purchase.

Start your adventure today!

Start your adventure today!