The Mindful Drink

 The ‘mindful drink’ is simply using the time when we drink a beverage to slow down and practise mindfulness. Recent research has shown that mindfulness – i.e. giving a single activity your full, undivided attention without any judgement – can retrain your mind to be calmer, content, focused, and creative. Drinking tea or coffee is a very sensory experience and is a great way to introduce mindfulness in your daily routine. By paying attention to your senses, you are conscious of the now, without worrying about the past or feeling anxious about the future. The ‘mindful drink’ creates a space where you can find peace and comfort. It is very easy, and you can do it at work or at home with your family.

What you need

  • Your favorite hot drink 

How to do

1. Watch the beverage (tea, coffee or hot cocoa…) brewing and changing its colour. 

2. Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands.

3. Smell the aromas that meet your nostrils – you may feel the steam on your face too.

4. Sip slowly. Notice the feeling of warmth as you swallow the beverage. Be silent for the first few sips.



  • Be open to your senses, no need to analyse what’s happening. Focus on the sensory experienced the beverage offers you.



Mindful drinking is a chance to rest the analytical mind. Let the aroma and taste of the drink fill the space of your mind. Studies suggest that when you are fully present and relaxed, your mind can be more creative and see wider possibilities for connecting things. So see this moment as a productive part of your day. It will help you make the rest of the day more positive and productiveAll it takes is the time to heat up some water. . .

How different do you feel after a mindful drink?


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