School Workshops

Year 1 to year 6
Are you looking for inspiring cross-disciplinary programmes to enrich the school curriculum? Then look no further than our workshops. Our creative programmes stimulate children’s imagination, curiosity and resilience. The architecture and design challenges we offer promote engagement with multiple subjects including art, design, maths, literacy, geography, history and science. Children are encouraged to respond critically and creatively to their environment, whilst building on a range of creative skills including idea generation, storytelling, communication, teamwork, time-management and problem-solving. Expressing ideas in different media and to different audiences is a great way for children to build their creative confidence.
Workshops are bespoke and tailored to the school’s needs and objectives.

Here are some examples of our workshops and the activities the children can look forward to:

Design your dream home 

Take a tour around amazing houses across the world and be inspired to design your dream home. Where is it? What is it made of? Be it in a jungle or in an oasis, made out of wood or paper, a house with dolphins or a labyrinth you will never be bored of, this is your chance to unleash your imagination…  We will help you give your ideas form, introduce you to drawing and modelling techniques – all to help you realise your dream house.

Create a wonderland inspired by classic literature

Journey with us into the imaginary worlds of some of England’s best loved authors.  Look for inspiration in Wonderland, Narnia and Middle Earth. Learn about scale, proportion, perspective, drawing and model making, using recycling materials. As a grand finale, work with your school mates to design, create, present and explore your Wonderland.  

How can we make public spaces better?

Imagine you are an architect asked to re-design the main street or square in your town. What would you do? Think critically and imaginatively about how public spaces can help bring people together. Take inspiration from exemplary public spaces as a basis for your own design proposal. We will help you to shape your ideas into drawings and models. With your school’s consent, your proposal will be sent to the local Planning Department, so that your vision could inform future city planning policies.

Take a photo of a future city in 2050. What’s in there?

Take a photo of a future city in 2050. What’s there? Envision the transformations to our lifestyles we might expect. How will our clothes, buildings, transport, energy use and communications technology change? What would you like a future city to look like? We will help you to create a picture – a snapshot – of the urban landscape you imagine.    

Design how to live in a new world 

NASA is engaging architects to design space stations and human habitats on other planets – it’s time for you to have a voice! Explore the opportunities and challenges of extra-terrestrial living with us. Then create an innovative spaceship for a sustainable human terrain on a planet of your choice.

We offer in situ and online workshops to the schools in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. Online workshops are available anywhere for English speakers.

COVID-19 updates: That we wish to ensure the well-being of children, teachers and staff is self-evident. We deliver workshops either online or in school taking precautionary measures compliant with the latest government guidance.

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