Rainbow Walk

A “rainbow walk” is a simple and fun exercise by which we can learn to be mindful of the environment around us. It invites us to appreciate our surroundings differently, through paying attention to colours.  There’s always something new to discover – even in familiar places – when you take a ‘rainbow walk’. 

What you need

  • Good weather
  • A notebook or some paper
  • Colour pencils

How to Play

1. Before going out, take a note of the colours of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). 

2. Go out for a walk. Try to find things for each colour of the rainbow and  take a note or draw what you see.

3. Keep walking until you’ve found something for each colour. Depending on where you are walking, some colours may be more difficult to find than others.

Have you seen anything you have never noticed before?


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