My Adventure with Alice

A Travel Journal in Wonderland

There is a place, like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and exciting challenges. You are invited on an adventure in this Wonderland with a girl named Alice…

"My Adventure with Alice” is a unique activity book designed for primary school children to inspire their imagination and help them grow and become more confident, creative, and happy!

In this book, your child will explore Wonderland with Alice and encounter curious characters who will challenge them with various questions and creative tasks that are designed to cultivate emotional intelligence. Going through these challenges, your child can build a resilient mindset through creativity and immagination.

You are invited to try this book for FREE as a tester before its official launch. If you would like to partecipate, please find the conditions below and sign-up using the form below. Places are limited, so don’t miss this opportunity!

What your child will get. . .

Have fun educational off-screen time

Express thoughts, emotions and ideas through creative play

Grow a resilient mind while discovering Alice in Wonderland

Learn about goal setting

Build confidence and Self Esteem

Train emotional regulation tecniques

Problem solving

What you will need to do. . .

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Who created this book . . .

Heuishil & Raffa


Founding Partners

Hi, we are Heuishil and Raffa,

Did you know building a resilient mindset can be great fun?

If you didn’t know, try our journal book! We created ‘My Adventure with Alice’ using our expertise in architecture, art and self-development. We are very proud of this book, which is the result of three years  research and work in collaboration with a Montessori teacher and three different child therapists, all experts in children’s emotional intelligence development.  

We hope your child will enjoy their journey with Alice in Wonderland and grow a happy, resilient mindset throught the power of creativity and immagination.