Make your Chinese Dragon

 In China, it is believed that the dragon scare away evil spirits and brings good luck and wealth. Make your dragon for a kick start to a happy spring!  

What you need

  • Colouring pens or pastels  
  • Scissors and glue 
  • One coloured thick paper  
  • two straws or ice lolly sticks
  • A print of the fun sheet below 

What to Print

Click to Print

How to make a Chinese Dragon

1. Print and colour the dragon head and tale. Use as many different colours as you like.

2. Cut the head and the tale – try to follow their profile as closely as possible.  

3. Now make the dragon body. Cut the colour paper the same height as the tale. Start folding it with a concertina fold.

4. Glue the ends of the concertina to the head and tale of the dragon, adjusting the height of the concertina to suit the head contour. 

5. Glue the straws or ice lolly sticks to the end of the concertina.  

What colour is your Chinese Dragon?


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