Little Architect

Hi, this is Raffa. Welcome to “Little Architect” your children’s  chance to engage their imagination and creativity with the world of design and architecture.

When I was a child I loved drawing houses (from the outside and the inside) and I would spend entire afternoons doing it. In order to gather ideas I would simply look around me and try to reassemble in my drawings all the best elements observed.

Today I would like to challenge children to do the same so I put together a series of activities which will spark their design abilities. The secret is looking around and being inspired!

We start this series with “windows”. You just need to print the fun sheets and complete the buildings with different windows…

What you need

  • A pencil or a pen, some colour pencils or colour pen
  • A print of the fun sheets below

Fun Sheet

Click the image to Print

How are your buildings?


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