My Journey with Alice

Children from 7 to 11 years old
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An Adventure with Alice

Children are under an incomparable level of pressure and stress today. Do you wish your children to live happily and thrive now, and in tomorrow’s world, no matter what life throws at them?

A creative and resilient mindset is what your child needs: the mentality to bounce forward, grow from adversity, and to have the foundations in place to live to their full potential.

You might say: “But what can I do to help my child develop this resilience?”

We are here to support you.
Why not try "An Adventure with Alice"? It is fun and inspiring!

Grow a Resilient Mindset with Alice

Let’s go off for an adventure in Wonderland with Alice! Your child will encounter the sage Caterpillar and the short-fused Queen of Hearts from the story – they will challenge your child with various creative tasks and emotional exercises. By engaging with these activities, your child will have invaluable new resources and skills to help them become a confident, resilient superhero!

Learn through Creative Play

"An Adventure with Alice" is fun, playful, and inspiring. Your child will engage with a range of hands-on activities - such as drawing, storytelling and art-work. Each activity has been carefully designed to enhance emotional intelligence and lay the foundations for a resilient mindset by engaging your child’s curiosity and imagination. We made these in collaboration with a Montessori expert with 30 years of teaching experience, and a professional child therapist in Oxford.

Your Child will learn...


Creative Thinking

Growth mindset



Emotional Regulation

Heuishil & Raffa


Founding Partners

Hi, we are Heuishil and Raffa,

Did you know building a resilient mindset can be great fun?

If you didn’t know, try this! Bringing insights from experts in Montessori education and child therapy, we dedicated our expertise to create fun, engaging and inspiring online programmes that intrigue children and help them grow a robust resilient mindset – with the power of creativity and imagination. We made what we wish we could have have had when we were children.

We’ve been offering a number of creative life-skill learning workshops to families and schools in Oxford, helping children unleash their creativity and resilience.

We are excited to visit Wonderland with your child in our programme!

This unique online programme will inspire children’s imagination and help them growing and becoming more confident, creative, and happier!

Smile, believe in yourself and build your future playfully, without fears”

Annamaria Passoni 

Pedagogical and Montessori expert with 30 years of teaching experience 

Imagine a world where...

Your child goes to school happily with the confidence they can navigate the ups and downs of life.

They enjoy new challenges believing they can learn and achieve anything they want with the right effort. You’re proud you’ve given them a gift that serves them in school and far beyond.
All of this is possible. So, let’s make it happen.

Every adventure

requires a first step

Cheshire Cat

An Adventure with Alice

"Who are you?"

The Caterpillar Challenge

Explore ‘who you are’ and what makes ‘you’ with the Caterpillar. Discover your strengths, beliefs, dreams and goals – and realise the unique superpower you have. Build up a rock-solid confidence in yourself.

Key learning topics: self-confidence, self-affirmation, creative thinking.

£ 39.99

Spring Sessions are now closed. More sessions to come this Autumn!

"Keep Cool!"

The Queen Trial

How can you keep cool in difficult situations, like when facing the Queen of Hearts? Learn how to navigate your emotions in challenging times. We will practice easy-to-apply proven techniques for emotion-regulation and relaxation together.

Key learning topics: self-awareness, self-compassion, creative thinking, emotion-regulation.

£ 39.99

Spring Sessions are now closed. More sessions to come this Autumn!


Online sessions are provided by Zoom. All Zoom meetings are password protected. The password is unique to each of the subscribers. The Password will be sent via email after enrolment and payment. 

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Specific instructions will be sent to you by email as well, after enrolment. 

For the online session please ensure you provide your children with some simple materials like coloured pens/pencils, scissors and some glue stick. Also please print the fun sheets,  generally PDF format to be printed in A4. These will be sent via email after enrolment 

One 50 minutes online live session, ‘fun sheets’ (in PDF format to be printed) with ‘off screen fun activities’ to be used during and after the session.  

The sessions have been crafted in collaboration with a pedagogic expert and teacher with 30 years experience, and a professional child therapist in Oxford.

The number of children for each session is limited so as to provide a personalised, intimate and enjoyable experience.  

During the sessions Heusihil and Raffa will guide the children to recognise, challenge and attain the mindset to be resilient using their own initiative.


You can invite as many as two children, but sharing one device.

This is so that children’s experience is not compromised. We care about giving space to each partecipant and we do not wish to compromise the quality of interaction children will be able to have during the session. 

  • Parents will receive a full refund if they withdraw from an online session within 48 hours from the time of the live session.
  • full refund will also be provided if the session is cancelled for any reason by SENSING SPACE. A voucher could also be issued if required by the buyer. If you cannot attend please send us an email at If you are eligeble for a refund a member of the Admin team will contact you within 5 days to process the refund. 
  • Refunds can only be issued to the original form of payment used for your purchase on SENSING SPACE website, and they cannot be issued to a different card. In the case that the original card is no longer active for any reason, you may need to contact your bank or credit card company to retrieve the funds. In selected cases, you may not be able to retrieve your refund, but we will offer you a voucher to use in future sessions. Our team will provide you with specific guidance in such cases.

SENSING SPACE is a safe enviroment for children and their families.  Our subscribers should be confident that their physical and emotional well being, as well as their privacy and security, will not be compromised.

Online sessions are only open to children ages 6-11 (no adults!), and safety is our top priority. 

Online sessions are customized to give control to Sensing Space Admin (not children or their guardians) over who enters the online sessions, as well as basic functions like screen sharing and audio/video, which allows Sensing Space Admin to take swift action in the event of any issue arising.

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