Photo Challenge

A gratitude photo challenge is a great way for you and your children to look at your environment with fresh eyes.  We can sometimes be so busy with the humdrum things of life that we forget to appreciate the good things!  Making time to record and appreciate the little things is a great way to remind ourselves of the things we are thankful for; and finding reasons to be thankful on a daily basis is one of the best ways of finding peace and happiness.

At a glance, this photo challenge doesn’t look like practicing gratitude; it’s simply a fun game. But by seeking out ‘simple pleasures’ around us, we can’t help but feel more grateful. And photos can capture that moment when we rediscovered one of our life’s little treasures.

So, why not set you and your children the challenge of photographing something special and positive every day for a week. Your photos will remind you that there is so much to be grateful for in this world. Have fun!

What you need

  • A camera (you can use the phone camera if easier, but it could be nice for children to have their own camera)

How to play

1. Put together a list of seven themes you would like to explore (one
per day).  The choice is yours but here are a few suggestions to get you going. . .

  1. Something you enjoy looking at
  2. Something that tastes delicious
  3. Something that smells amazing
  4. Something that makes a beautiful sound
  5. Something you enjoy touching
  6. Someone or something you love spending time with
  7. Something that reminds you of the people you love
  8. Something you enjoy doing with your friends
  9. Something that makes you feel safe
  10. Something that makes you laugh
  11. Something that is useful for you
  12. A place that you love to be

2. Head out (or in!) together or individually and take photos of the things that matter to you.

3.  Agree a special time to meet each day; enjoy sharing your photos and discussing what you have noticed and learnt.

4. At the end of the week, ask your children to collate their photos and to choose their favourite. Encourage them to describe carefully what this photo means to them. Ask them whether documenting the ‘little things’ has helped them appreciate them in a new way, and whether they’ve enjoyed focusing on the good things in their lives. We’re confident they’ll say yes!


  •   To make more of the challenge, why not print out the photos and make up a board for all the family to enjoy.
  •   If you play this game more than once, why not make a photo journal? It should be very rewarding to return to these photos on a regular basis.

What are yours and your kids favorite photos?


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