Gratitude Flower

If you did some work and received ten compliments and one negative opinion, your feeling would be most likely determined by the negative comment rather than the other compliments. It is because human brain has a tendency to focus on the negative things rather than positive. Practicing gratitude is a most powerful way to counter this negativity bias in our brain and to pay attention to what is good, kind, beautiful, and meaningful, even amidst the toughest challenges.

Research have shown plentiful benefits of gratitude practice for children and grown-ups – feeling happier, reducing stress and anxiety, making positive relationships with others, and increasing self-esteem and resilience. Several studies also suggest that grateful children are more satisfied with their lives, use their strengths to improve their communities, are more engaged in their schoolwork and hobbies, and have better grades.

This Gratitude Flower activity is a fun, simple play to experience and express gratitude. It’ll help you remember the good stuff you have in your life and boost happiness together with your child. Enjoy!

What you need

  • A pen and coloured pens
  • A print of the fun sheet below

Fun Sheet

Click the image to Print

How to make your Gratitude Flower

  1. Talk with your child about things you’re grateful for. It can be about anything – family, food, school, house, friends, nature and your talents… just to name a few. Anything you wish to have and you already have are something you can be grateful for.
  2.  Write down or draw the things you are grateful for on the petals of the gratitude flower in the fun sheet. You can draw pictures, too.
  3. Colour the flower with your favourite colours.


  • Quite often, children tend to only think of material things. Help your child to discover intangible things they can be grateful for. You may want to ask them, for instance, someone who help them, something nice that happened and something they are into.

How is your Gratitude Flower?


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Gratitude Flower