The Four Elements


Would you like to spark your child’s inquisitive heart? Then this Fun Sheet “Burning with Curiosity” can help!

The Fun Sheet invites your child to explore the symbolism of ‘fire’. They will learn that fire has traditionally represented many things: desire, passion, power, vision, energy and love, to name but a few. And, of course, fire has been central to cooking the world over.  The Fun Sheet goes on to ask your child what lights the fire of curiosity in them. It introduces a scene from Alice in Wonderland in which Alice eats the famous Eat Me cake. Her burning curiosity is the main driver for her exciting adventures in Wonderland.

She ate a little bit of the cake, and said to herself, “Which way? Which way?”, holding her hand on the top of her head to feel which way it was growing…

Reading this scene, your child is encouraged to think about what can fuel their curiosity and what actions they can take to explore it.

The Fun Sheet also includes a special recipe of the Eat Me cake!  Enjoy firing up the oven and watching the cake grow.

“Burning with Curiosity” is part of our special “Four Element” series. If you wish to see the Fun Sheets for the other elements, you can find the previous posts for water, air, and earth here. To learn more about the four elements, see this article.  

Fire Symbolism

Fire is considered to be the first element that was born when the universe was created. Fire is attributed to transformational and purifying powers. It can give warmth and it can also burn and destroy. Naturally, fire is associated with the sun. The element symbolizes energy, activity, creativity, passion, freedom, power, love, vision, anger, strength, will, assertiveness, courage, and dynamism. Fire is necessary to cook food too. Before electric oven and cooker were invented, we were using real fire to cook foods and bake biscuits, cookies and cakes.

What you need

  • A pencil or a pen, some colour pencils or colour pens
  • A print of the fun sheets below 

 For the materials to bake the Eat Me cake, see the Fun Sheet!

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Fun Sheets

  • Page 1: What does fire represent
  • Page 2: Alice and the ‘Eat me Cake’ 
  • Page 3: Burning with Curiosity 
  • Page 4: Fly Eat me cake

What lit the fire of curiosity in your child?


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