Colourful and very easy to do, these bookmarks can be nice ‘thoughts’ your children can give to family members and friends for Christmas. They are great for people like me who turn down the corners of any book I read…These bookmarks are a good way of inspiring children to read.  They are also the perfect easy craft project as they require minimal materials but lots of imagination!

What you need

  • Colourful paper
  • Glue
  • Colouring pens

How to make a bookmark

1. Cut the paper into a square (I made mine 12x12cm, but it could be bigger); 

2. Fold in half to create a triangle pressing down well.

3.  Fold the top corner of the triangle over to meet the bottom; 

4. Fold the two external corner of the triangle to meet each other, forming a rectangle. The inside of this rectangle is now a ‘pocket’;

5.  Open the triangle back out.  

6. Tuck the corners of the triangle into the ‘pocket’; 

7. Turn over and decorate as you prefer (you can make it into a deer, a penguin, a snowman…)

How is your bookmark?


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