Autumn Gratitude Bowl


Alice decided to visit a wonderful wood in Oxford this morning, as she loves to appreciate nature with all her senses: admireing the magical colours, listening to the leaves crackling under her feet, experiencing the wind on her skin, the scent of damp. . . and the taste of warm chestnuts on her return home.  She feels so happy and thankful today, that she has decided to make an Autumn gratitude bowl with the leaves she has collected.

Do you want to make one too with your child? Making a gratitude bowl is a great way to develop the habit of expressing gratitude through play! Print the Fun Sheet below and have fun!

What you need

  • Some autumn leaves
  • A Balloon
  • Scissors
  • PVC glue 
  • A print of the fun sheets below 

Page 1
Page 2

How is your Gratitude Autumn Leaves Bowl?


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