Autumn Half
Term Craft Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for activities for half term? Then you are in the right place… In our blog, The Magic of Autumn we suggested ways to enjoy Autumn through the senses and the arts. Here is some inspiration for spending a fun afternoon using autumn leaves in a creative way. This is perfect for children of all ages. Of course, the first thing to do is go for a nice walk in a park or in a wood where you can find and collect leaves of various shapes and colours…

What you need

  • A collection of leaves of various shapes and colours, pine kennels, chestnuts…
  • Tape or glue, scissor, paper. 


1. Think about an animal you like. Take some inspiration from the images below and put together your own creation.  


Did you try to make a lion?


Let us know about your experience! Share your photos, comments or feedback with us on our Facebook page.

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