The Four Elements


Did you know that a hole in the earth can be the entrance into a new world?!

This Fun Sheet features ‘earth’ – one of the four fundamental elements that were believed to comprise the world in ancient times. (For more about the four elements, see this article).

Through this week Fun Sheet, your child will explore the symbolism of ‘earth’, learn about architectures carved into the earth from all around the world and read about Alice in Wonderland’s fall into the rabbit hole, discovering a new ‘under-the-ground’ upside-down world. The activities are fun, inspiring and require some creativity and resilience!

If you missed the other elements on this SENSING SPACE series you can click here for ‘Water’ and here for ‘Air’. 

Earth Symbolism

Earth can be found in fields, mountains, and plains and is home to all living beings. Earth is a rich and fertile element providing energy and sustenance. So earth symbolises stability, nourishment, security, fertility, health, and home but also maternity: it’s the great mother that nourishes and protects.

Earth Architecture

For almost 10,000 years man has built within earth, not only simple dwellings but also grandeur palaces, temples and fortresses. Here we shows some example of the diversity of this type of architecture scattered across the world – some of which are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Are you and your child curious  about them? Download the Fun Sheets below and get to know more about them…

The Rabbit Hole

“Alice chased the White Rabbit and jumped into the deep rabbit hole under the hedge…Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end?”

Where did Alice land after the fall into the ground? Discover it and imagine your Wonderland with the Fun Sheets below. 

What you need

  • A pencil or a pen, some colour pencils or colour pens
  • A print of the fun sheets below

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Fun Sheets

  • Page 1: What does earth represent?
  • Page 2: Earth Architecture
  • Page 3: Alice down the rabbit hole
  • Page 4: The upside-down world

Which 'earth architecture' did you like the most?

What did you learn about it?

How your upside-down world looks like?


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