15 Funny Questions for Your Kids

Asking surprising questions is a great way to engage your children’s curiosity and to have a few laughs in and among. Open-ended questions are an especially powerful way to inspires children’s imagination. We all tend to ask our children, “How was school today?” or, “What did you do at school?”. There’s nothing wrong with these questions, but it’s sometimes fun to come in at a different angle.  Questions like, “Would you rather…?” or, “What if…?” have a better chance of engaging children in conversation and are likely to bring you a few laughs along the way. So why not try some of the questions below – say, at meal times?

I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun and you’ll have a heartwarming time with your children this festive season!

Would you rather...

1.    leave cookies for Santa or carrots for the Reindeer?

2.    receive socks or a dictionary for Christmas?

3.    peak at your presents early or get an extra present?

4.    be able to fly or be invisible this Christmas?

5.    be Mrs. Claus or Head Elf in Santa’s workshop?

What if you...

1.    could invent a new food? What would it taste like?

2.    could send a short message to the entire world? What would you say?

3.    went for a walk in the woods and found a money tree? Would you share your secret?

4.    could change one thing about yourself? What would it be?

5.    could invent your perfect holiday? What would it entail?

6.    were chosen to go into space? Would you rise to the challenge?

7.    were a tree? What would you say to passers by?

8.    were a monster? Would the monster have any redeeming features?

9.    were sent to your own desert island but could only take five things? What would they be?

10.  could meet anyone from history? Who would it be?

Be ready to defend your answers with some cool reasoning. The only constraint on the answers to these questions is imagination…

Do you have favourite questions you ask your kids?


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